Why some Single Lads are Traveling for the sake of SEX!!!

Mahmoud Drira
2 min readJan 10, 2021

It’s definitely obvious most of the time when you see a bunch of single dudes planning trips to southeast Asia .. They’re obviously up to one thing other than the beautiful beaches and the tropical atmospheric landscapes .

Actually forget the nature . they’re not going that far . they basically land in the capitals where concrete and skyscrapers are . The pretty affordable Hotels and the easy to commute to night clubs are mainly one of the major factors that makes that region a hot attractive spot to many men and women around the globe.

But mostly the affordable life in there has a lot to do with the poverty and unemployment rate in there. For instance a person who lives in Western Europe or the US wouldn’t find it expensive to spend a week in there . In fact for some people in the US it’s way more cheaper than t raveling to some states and doing the same thing they’re intending to do abroad.

Many of those single men are indeed finding a huge difficulty engaging with local women in their city or their country , it’s due to many factors . Some of them are financially unable to be in a relationship and keep it , While some others are considered ugly, fat or unfit to many women who are body judges unfortunately.

The only relief to those men is to travel somewhere where there’s no judgment on their bodies nor on their financials . It’s basically like a challenge where no matter how look or how much you have . You just got to pay the donation and you’re good to go. Of course without worrying about any law enforcement like back home. Where prostitution is strictly prohibited.

While we tried to summarize the topic as short as we can . We must also mention why those areas are a green field to those men .

The poverty in there is a real issue . Many women are forced to work on the streets , There’s no job to get that could pay their life expenses and cover their bills. Their struggle in life is so hard that literally no other choice is on the list other than being an escort to the western tourists who are flooding their cities.

After all the travel for the sake of sex is common all over the globe . But the majority chose to go to southeast Asia for the affordable accommodation it offers .