“The Korowai tribe” The world’s last cannibal tribe

You’ve definitely seen zombies and cannibalistic gore movies throughout your life especially in your teenage years, but you obviously been telling yourself that all these scary scenes are nothing but fiction and imaginary ideas from the scenarists. Well, it seems that this was all wrong.. Yes! the cannibals in movies might look exaggerated but they do exist in real life and not just in history but even now!

Throughout history, cannibalism has been a terrific crime in mankind. Many cannibals did it as either a pleasure, a revenge method but many as a punishment to so-called witches and criminals. It was widely existing in Europe, Amazon, African tribes in Congo, and few tribes in New Zealand and India. And even in modern times' many cannibalistic crimes have occurred in civilized societies like the American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer who killed and ate 17 victims between 1978 and until his arrest in 1991 or the german cannibal Armin Meyers who killed his victim after he met him on a chat on cannibal cafe website and ate over 20 pounds of its flesh weeks after the murder.

Eventually, those horrific crimes happened in modern societies and that's what makes it really scary… But these tragedies rarely happen in the modern world. and the authorities will make sure to do their best to protect society from such criminals. And well.. this does not happen in the bushes of Papua New Guinea, Yes! it’s the last geographical place in the world where movies like cannibal tribes are still living on our planet. “The Korowai Tribe” is a tribe that lives in southeastern Papua. They haven’t been discovered until 1974 when a group of western scientists took an expedition to the area and before that many researchers believe they didn’t realize other people in the world exist. They build their houses with woodcuts from banyan trees and palms on a 140-foot height to protect themselves from rival villages and predators. Many of the Korowai believe outsiders carry demon and evil spirits and should be stopped from entering their territories although some of them passed that myth after their contacts with scientists and journalists

The cannibalistic culture in the tribe is still ongoing as they believe any person around them who they might feel has been taken by khakua ( a demon in Korowai’s local words ) must be killed and eaten. the horrific event usually happens when the old man in the tribe starts praying by himself and hypothetically hears inner voices telling him which one in the tribe has been taken by a demon and is practicing witching, then he brings the men of the tribe around him and tells them the person they bring up the victim and kills him/her then the old man do the cutting and the butchering process…

“Ewwww!!! “ well this gross scary practice has not stopped there. The Korowai tribe despite their interaction with outsiders in recent years many of them still considers outsiders as a hunt and a devil spirit that must be stopped from getting into the territory. Recently in 2016 a British reality TV star Matthew Lovane and his American girlfriend Michelle Clemens both aged 31 were traveling to Papua New guinea and while they were wandering around the bushes they suddenly fell in a trap made by the tribe in there the couple was attacked with machetes and sharp blades also beaten and tortured, Michelle had 3 fingers cut to the bone and Matthew suffered several injuries and cuts throughout his body, it was a terrific time for them until they successfully escaped the hunt and ran where they were discovered by locals who rushed to help them and transport them on a helicopter to a hospital in Moresby where they fortunately fully recovered, and despite their horrible experience they have encountered in the bushes the couple is still insisting for more adventures in the future…

The tribe is reported to still practice cannibalism and pray with the same inherited myths of hunting victims. The authorities in Papua New Guinea always warn the tourists from trekking on their own and a local guide provided from the hotel is a requirement for a safe journey. Despite that, there are no recent reported incidents where the tribe has committed any harm toward tourists to be cautious and to follow the instructions of the authorities in there is strictly recommended for a safe vacation…




entrepreneur, content writer, comedian

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Mahmoud Drira

Mahmoud Drira

entrepreneur, content writer, comedian

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