Sex and Love the Millennial Way

Mahmoud Drira
3 min readFeb 20, 2021

YES! it’s the era past 2000 technology medicine industry and many other fields are at it’s the highest level of modernization and progress. And we as Millennials are more than blessed to live the perfect age of our lives within this era. an era where not just where the world is made as easy as it can get but also a world where old cultural and religious rules are almost dead if they’re not already.

We have a red carpet stretched throughout our paths to any goal we want to achieve with the easy access we are blessed with from the internet, workshops and many online varieties of helpful platforms.

While we have the world in our hands, as they say, Many of us are on their ups and downs when it comes to their personals.

Millennials these days are indeed having less sex than any other past generations.

As our world got easier than ever it was, our economy is not helping us in any way. Living in a gig economy can be so painful and stressful, it’s the two main issues millennials are facing currently, financial instability accompanied by the daily stress of studies and long hours of work to support themselves results in a huge reduction in the sex game. Also, many millennials are still living with their parents than any other past generation, so in case you wanna bring your date back home at night don’t make much noise, remember mom and dad are right next door. Aside from all those difficulties, young people are choosing to settle down at a later age than their parents which creates a huge ocean full of single lads and according to many millennials swimming in that huge ocean of singles can extend your zero sex life to over a year. Despite the existence of dating apps that give youngsters the opportunity to hook up unfortunately it rarely happens with only one in 500 matches leading to an exchange of phone numbers, social media accounts, and a meetup according to hinge data.

And with all these difficulties within the millennial world, many others disagree with this statement says they have the best sex and live the perfect love story among everyone on the planet aside from the no commitment sex. Bars, nightclubs, festivals, and social clubs are some of the hot spots for a hookup game. These millennials are not rich or stable but they manage to keep up with their sexual and love lives even though they face the same challenges as their other fellows. Probably putting the mind into the positive direction of thinking can help a lot with this issue, psychology is the key for the organization of thoughts since it’s still not a financial issue to achieve sex or love stability in life, it’s apparently more an issue of giving it enough importance to achieve it just how the many gave importance to their professional and educational careers in order to achieve the best of it. The combination of sex and love in the same person is the perfect match to every millennial, almost everyone dreams of that. Despite the failures of dating apps, the insecurities many face when they try to approach someone cute they see in public. Solutions always available to all of this having time with yourself and try to discuss the challenges that hold you back from this is very important.

In the end remember that being a millennial is living the best and the worst times of your life so try to maintain the best out of it your young energy, strength, and healthy thinking is what determine your upcoming adventures be the one in control of what’s gonna happen and life will be much easier than it was.