ROUS short summary to your “route 66” Road Trip on this Historical highway!

Mahmoud Drira
2 min readFeb 28, 2021
An SUV, your favorite cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate for some, your besties are in the car already. Make your way to a grocery store first and purchase some water along with your favorite snacks because this road trip is gonna be a little long but a lot of fun in it with the people you love driving all the way from Chicago to Los Angeles.

The ultimate adventure is about to start don’t forget the seatbelts and your favorite music. Now the car is hitting the highway heading west. Since it’s a long trip it’s a must to have various stops to take a break and eat something and you’re lucky enough to be driving on route 66 this historical route is one of the most famous roads in the world and one of the longest roads in the US as well with a length of 2448 miles. Yes, it seems pretty long and tiring to drive it all but you’re not alone, it’s preferred if your besties carry driver licenses to switch roles on the steering wheel. Kind of equality in the car where each one will have the same duration of driving, you know it’s better than ending up driving by yourself because no matter how fun and cozy it gets inside the car, physically it’s so tiring and exhausting.

Within this wonderful road trip, there’s a ton of awesome cities you will pass through such as Springfield, St Louis, Oklahoma City, and the Grand Canyon. All of these wonderful cities are a must-stop before you reach Los Angeles. How cool it is to tour, take pictures, and discover different nightlife in different cities throughout a couple of days. Pretty much you’ll impress all of your friends and tons of people on social media.

After a couple of days of being on the road, you and your besties are finally in Los Angeles leaving behind a wonderful glamorous experience that it’s a must live at least once in a lifetime. An adventure where it shall never be forgotten, driving from a cold city to passing through completely changing landscapes from mountains to forests to deserts all of this on one route!! Now your new adventure in LA starts, make it as cool and fun as the one you just had.