millennial thoughts on bridging the generation gaps

beliefs, politics, or values. between each one create what we call today the generation gaps, what we are living from several Generational Issues between the children and their parents and grandparents, between the young coworkers and the baby boomer ones, from lack of communication, misunderstandings, had highlighted the importance generations bridge, and that is why today we will be focusing on how to bridge the gaps to turn the differences from an obstacle that influences badly our environment to a booster to strengthen our social relationships instead,
Gone are the days where the children should be seen not heard, the family had known a dramatic change in its structure and traditions, the child now has a powerful voice in the family not like the old days where he has to obey and listen, now
from an early age the child express his thoughts and ideas, he is more aware of his abilities and capacities, in some cases, a child become a source of material income to his family by just a video that went viral on social networks, the baby boomers and generation x are in turn experiencing a whole new world that changes in an increasing rate, especially in terms of communication, for a baby boomer who is expecting a digital native child to obey his orders without any critics and opposition will be offended of their reactions and in other cases will be amazed of their knowledge,
the technology is a gap by itself, nowadays child is not waiting for elderly to show him the outside world instead, he will show it to the elder through his phone, the social conceptions have changed though out time and technology, what made some people get used to it being a part of their youth while for others it’s a hurdle that made the world with lack of privacy and ethics,
these multiple figures of change whether in education, work, or social life have led us to one question how can we bridge the gaps?
we should believe that everyone wants and needs to be heard even if you disagree, everyone feels appreciated and valued when others are paying attention to what he said, also we should assist the elderly in learning the new technology and understanding the new primary language, they have been raised in a very different world, in a world where education has been a dream for some and where the handwriting was the only form of distance communication, being conscious of those differences make us focus more and working more to stay connected with each other in a healthy way,
knowing better about the capabilities and limitations of all ages in order to accept each other and take an interest in other’s activities and hobbies definitely work as a booster.
what that being said from a perspective of millennial, we should say that it is always easier for the elderly to make the first step of bridging because they have a more settled life than young people have and remember that is always a blessing to live in an intergenerational house.



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