Anti-vaxxer people are daydreaming

in the age of covid when all the countries are racing to get the vaccines, the voice of vaccine hesitancy is becoming louder and more powerful than ever, unfortunately, virtually there are moving ahead and making more impact, with millions of followers who are doubting the covid origin and creation and the power of social networks algorithm in spreading misinformation, this movement is finding its target easily either by those conspiracy slogans or by the infringement fight delusion, we write today not to be aware of vaccine hesitancy (which you should) but to not let the pith of advanced medicine and health technology passing near to you without being benefited of, isn’t that the role of technology at first place? vaccines are being the most effective weapons against infectious diseases, they played a primordial role in human Contemporary history ending the most deadly diseases, the world health organization published on their official website in the February 2008 Bulletin , how the vaccines throughout contemporary history have greatly reduced diseases, we will not allow ourselves go further in discuss what vaccines made of and how it works, the WHO and several health organizations and researchers had made that easy enough to access and clear enough to read the vaccine hesitancy is one of the 10 most global health threats in 2019, that’s why this movement represents massive risks, such a position will not affect the anti vaxxer’s heath only but the well being of others and of the next generations, to clarify more, an anti-vaxxer father refusing to immunise his child and throw into a world that has thousands of infectious diseases without any protective barrier to him and others, because he said simply no to the most important advances in medicine and denied what science had affirmed with that being said, we will be discussing the two main reasons behind vaccine hesitancy, when we see that the influence of ani vaxxers movement has touched areas like Sub-Saharan Africa or Indonesia and how people who have been raised in a such very dangerous area where malaria or cholera spread are taking an extreme side when it comes to vaccines by saying that they are an infringement on our human rights, we all know that the right to consent is absolute and we do respect that but we have to mention that without the vaccine itself some people would not have the chance to survive, to leave and to say no to vaccines. for the other anti vaxxers who latch on to conspiracy theories, they found their ultimate theory in vaccines, some of them believing that the vaccines are the devil’s work while others are believing that the government and some powerful anonymous peoples gathered only for us, to create a weapon which will kill us after a specific period, and only they (the lucky ones) are conscious of such a threat, they did not bother themself checking that misinformation and or searching for a reliable source of information. this movement is showing us that stupidity has reached an unprecedented level and yes they are still a minority but they will not remain so if we don’t spread awareness on why the vaccines are important.



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